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Whether you have changed your partner or just changed your mind, tubal ligation reversal is very effective at restoring fertility. The results and success rate of tubal operations greatly depends of the expertise of your surgeon. It is only by continually performing large numbers of tubal ligation reversal operations that is it possible to obtain consistently high success rates, reassuring you of being the wisest choice of microsurgeon to undertake your tubal reversal. Over 25 years experience and more than 2000 tubal reversal procedures provide you the reassurance of being the wisest choice of microsurgeon to perform your tubal reversal.

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Results and success rates

With microsurgical tubal ligation reversal it is possible to technically achieve patency rates (surgical restoration of open Fallopian tubes) in more than 99% of completed procedures. The precision, skill and experience of your microsurgeon is crucial to achieving such results.

The pregnancy rate success rate depends on your age, the nature of your original tubal ligation and whether or not it was performed at caesarian section.

Predictors of successful surgery

There are a range of predictors of successful tubal reversal which you should consider when making a decision to reverse your tubal ligation. These include the length of time from your initial tubal ligation to its reversal, your partners age and if you have had a prior IVF sperm extraction. It is very important to be aware of just how many tubal ligation reversal operations your chosen surgeon is performing so that you can make a judgement about their likely results.

Cost of tubal reversal

Tubal reversal is provided at reasonable cost as a result of an agreement between my anaesthetist, assistant surgeon and myself that allows for control and limits on the expense of the procedure. There are however a number of influences on your final out of pocket cost which include your level of health insurance cover and which hospital you wish to have your procedure performed.

Microsurgical precision

High powered operating microscopes, delicate microsurgical instruments and stitches that are so fine it is almost impossible to see them with the naked eye are used to re-establish patency of each fallopian tube and reverse tubal ligations with the greatest accuracy. Precise surgical methods and very accurate suture placement maximise the chance of restoring fertility.

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IVF or tubal ligation reversal ?

You may be trying to choose between tubal ligation reversal or IVF. It is best to consider this decision not as an 'either-or' issue but rather a question of what order you should undergo each treatment.

An important consideration in this decision is which treatment has the highest accumulating chance of having a baby. Because IVF provides single discrete chances of pregnancy with each treatment it is less likely to match the total accumulated chance of success when compared over time to tubal reversal.

While IVF is an excellent treatment when undertaken at a high quality IVF clinic such as Genea it is my view that tubal ligation reversal should be your first choice as it provides you the widest range of long-term options.

The results from tubal reversal operations are exceptional. For the average woman undergoing microsurgical tubal ligation reversal in my care, surgery is successful in leading to open fallopian tubes 99% of the time.

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