Cost of tubal reversal

We are able to keep costs reasonable as a result of an agreement between my anaesthetist, assistant surgeon and myself that allows for control of surgical costs and limits the expense of the procedure.

The out of pocket expense for those with health insurance will vary significantly dependent on your health fund, the nature of your insurance and whether or not you have chosen to have pay gap or policy excess.

For those with health insurance the out of pocket expense for tubal reversal is between $3,300 (Sydney and Newcastle) and $4,400 (Perth). If you do not hold health insurance or if you do not hold an Australian Medicare card the out of pocket expense is between $8,400 (Sydney and Newcastle) and $12,450 (Perth). A booking payment is due 4 weeks prior to your surgery.

Because of the wide range of health funds and the multitude of differing products that health insurance companies offer, it is not possible to provide the exact cost for hospital accommodation and operating theatre fees until the time of booking your surgery. For those with top level health insurance it is likely that there will be no out of pocket expense for hospital fees but there will be an out of pocket expense for the doctors fees (surgeon, assistant surgeon and anaesthetist). For those with an 'excess' on their health insurance the out of pocket expense for hospital fees is likely to be equal to the excess. For those without health insurance, you will be responsible for the full cost of medical and hospital fees.

Payment Methods

We provide a payment package whereby my secretaries collect fees on behalf of my anaesthetist and assistant surgeon as well as myself. As I am responsible to the anaesthetist and surgical ssistant for their fees, payment is due at time of scheduling your tubal reversal. Payment can be made by electronic funds transfer, bank cheque or credit card.

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The results from tubal reversal operations are exceptional. For the average woman undergoing tubal reversal in my care, surgery is successful in leading to the return of sperm 90% to 95% of the time.

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