Frequent questions about tubal reversal

Are pre-operative tests required?

Generally no. Pre-operative tests may be required if you have a history of gynaecological problems - usually a pelvic ultrasound.

Do I need a referral from my local doctor?

For Australian citizens a referral from your general practitioner is necessary in order to obtain a Medicare rebate or health insurance rebate.

How long after tubal reversal can I attempt to achieve a pregnancy?

There are no hard and fast rules. As a guide it is best to wait until after post operative abdominal tendrness has subsided so that when you resume intercourse it is comfortable to do so.

Do I have to fast prior to surgery?

Yes.  You should have nothing to eat or drink from the evening before your surgery for tubal reversal.

How long will I stay in hospital?

Generally it is wise to stay overnight. If you live close to the hospital in which your operation is performed then you may, if you choose go home the same day. On the other hand should your operation be in the afternoon or you live at a distance then an over night stay is likely to be more convenient.

How much does tubal reversal cost?

This depends on where you have your tubal reversal performed, whether you have health insurance and what level of health insurance. Depending on these variables the cost of tubal reversal can vary. For those with health insurance the out of pocket expense for tubal reversal is between $2,800 (Sydney and Newcastle) and $4,200 (Perth). If you do not hold health insurance the out of pocket expense is between $7,000 (Sydney and Newcastle) and $10,200 (Perth). A booking payment is due 4 weeks prior to your surgery.

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Are there any Medicare rebates for tubal reversal?

Yes. The Federal Government has recently reinstated Medicare rebates for tubal reversal. The Medicare rebate will however be less than the cost of your surgery.

Are there any health rebates for tubal reversal?

Yes, but this will depend entirely on the exact details of your health insurance policy. Generally the major benefit of being in a health fund is the rebate provided for the cost of the fees charged by the hospital. We advise that you check with your health fund in advance of your tubal reversal.

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