Tubal reversal or IVF

The alternative to tubal ligation reversal is IVF which is a complex treatment aimed at producing pregnancies by fertilizing eggs and sperm outside the body in the laboratory. The medication, monitoring and procedures that your partner will have to go through are considerable. Decisions regarding which of tubal reversal or IVF is personally best for you may require careful consideration and depend on your individual circumstance.

IVF requires a combination of hormonal drugs designed to stimulate the ovaries to hopefully make avaiabke more eggs than is normally the case in an ovulation cycle. These hormones can be given by injection, tablet, nasal spray or vaginal pessary. Monitoring by repeated blood tests and pelvic ultrasound is necessary. Once the ovaries have responded to the drugs in a sufficient manner and procedure known as an oocyte collection is perfomed using a needle passed through the top of the vagina under ultrasound guidance. Sperm and eggs are then combined to produce embryos which are grown in the laboratory for 5 to 6 days after which a single embryo is transferred back to the uterus through the cervix.

Importantly, you should understand that:

  • IVF provides single discrete opportunities to conceive
  • Tubal reversal permits a continuous chance of pregnancy

For most patients tubal reversal is a superior option than IVF as it provides a higher overall chance of pregnancy and gives you the widest range of options.

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