Recovery after tubal reversal

Recovery is generally rapid with most patients leaving hospital within a day or two of tubal ligation reversal. There will be some discomfort from the operation site. As the stitches used to close the skin are both very delicate and placed just underneath the skin, it is uncommon for them to cause any problems. Gentle washing the area of the operation is permitted the day after surgery. A graduated increase in normal activity is wise.

At home after your tubal ligation reversal

Once you go home from hospital after your tubal ligation reversal you should be prepared to rest. Watching television or videos is a sensible past time for the first week. Having someone to assist you for the first week would be wise particularly if your home has a staircase or is situated on an incline. In the second week post operation light physical activity is reasonable. You can aim to return to normal physical activities about 4 weeks after your reversal.

Physical activity

It is important to take care with physical activity for 2 to 3 weeks following your tubal reversal. Excessive movement of the site of your surgery may placed tension on the wound and cause pain. From the perspective of healing the site anastomosis of the Fallopian Tube is protected within the abdomen. Common sense is important - you should only undertake light physical activity during this early recovery phase. The essential rule is: "If it hurts - do not do it."

Sexual activity

Sex should be avoided for the first week or two after your tubal reversal, thereafter common sense should prevail. In general it is reasonable to engage in sexual activity if it is comfortable and enjoyable.

Going back to work

Most can return to work within 2 weeks of tubal reversal. Some people who work in sedentary occupations could do so earlier.

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