Tubal reversal success rates

The success rates from tubal reversal are execeptional is excellent with over 98% of women who undergo the operation achieving open Fallopian Tubes. For the average woman undergoing tubal reversal over 80%-85% achieve pregnancy.

The most important factor influencing the pregnancy related success rate is your age. The older you are, the lower the chance of a successful pregnancy. This is due the declining number of normal eggs within your ovaries as you get older. In addition, increasing age also increases the chance of miscarriage and the possibility of having a baby with a genetic problem such as Down Syndrome.

The pregnancy rate also depends on the type of previous sterilisation procedure and the remaining length of fallopian tube and age. Tubal clips have the highest reversibility and diathermy the lowest. The pregnancy rates decrease with increasing age and also when there is less fallopian tube left to reanastomose.

Should pregnancy not occur by 12 months following the operation the chance of subsequent pregnancy falls considerably.

A very important issue to consider when assessing pregnancy rates from tubal reversal is that of normal fertility rates. The normal chance of a young couple (female age under 35 years) of successfully achieving a pregnancy within one year of starting to attempt to do so is 85%-90%. Your expectation of pregnancy should not be higher than this.

Ectopic pregnancy

Following tubal reversal the chance of an pregnancy in the fallopian tube (ectopic pregnancy) increases from 0.3% to 1%. While uncommon, my advice is that an early pregnancy ultrasound is essential with the aim of excluding this condition.

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